MAPS - Minnesota Automated Plate Scanner Catalog of the POSS I

Sky Query Form - Standard Query

This is the standard interface for selecting a regions of the sky from the MAPS Catalog. Output data will include basic astrometry (in the choosen coordinate system), photometry, and object classifications and will be sorted by the input longitude system. If you wish, you can switch to the advanced interface which offers much more refined output options.

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Standard Query

If you enter an object name below, the SIMBAD name resolver will be used to attempt to determine the position of that object on the sky. Entering an object name overrides any positional information entered below. If you want to search around a specific position, leave the object name blank.
Object Name:
Enter your central coordinates in the boxes below. Both sexagesimal and WCS (e.g. - decimal degrees for longitude and latitude) format are accepted.
Right Ascension/Longitude: Coordinate System:
Field Width/Diameter: arcminutes with Square Bounds
A note about magnitude limits: The MAPS Catalog is incomplete for bright objects (magnitude < 12) and has a faint end limit that varies with each POSS plate but ranges from 22.5 to 23.5 in O.
Faint magnitude limit:
Object Class (from O plate):
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