MAPS - Minnesota Automated Plate Scanner Catalog of the POSS I

MAPS Catalog

The MAPS catalog has several different query options available. For most types of query, the sky query is sufficient. Sky queries can be in either B1950.0, J2000.0, or galactic coordinates, and work by specifying a central point and field width to search. Additional constraints can be added using the standard query, or you may constrain the search by every available parameter using the advanced query.

New in this release of the APS is the capability to generate finder charts.

Additionally, one can look up information about each field in the MAPS Catalog of the POSS I. To determine which fields cover a section of sky, visit the field finder page. Meta-information about a particular field can be viewed using the field info page, or by clicking on a hyperlinked field name on the site.

For advanced users, raw SQL queries can be performed using our SQL query. Please read the documentation before attempting such a query.

The original MAPS Catalog archive datafiles are available for download from the downloads page. This also includes any subsequent modifications and other files.

Available pages in the catalog: