MAPS - Minnesota Automated Plate Scanner Catalog of the POSS I

Citing the MAPS

We request that if you use the MAPS databases in your research, we request an acknowledgement. Below are the preferred forms for referencing the APS, including footnote/endnote acknowledgements, citation of APS objects in a publication, and APS publications for use as references.

If you use the MAPS databases in your research, please include one or both of following acknowledgements in your published work:
Endnote Acknowledgement
"This research has made use of the MAPS Catalog of POSS I supported by the University of Minnesota. The APS databases can be accessed at"

Footnote Acknowledgement
"The MAPS database is supported by the University of Minnesota, available at"

To label objects identified in the MAPS Catalog of POSS I:
Please use the concatenated string: MAPS PFFF-NNNNNNN (e.g. MAPS-P321-241499). This uniquely and simply identifies each scanned image.

Recent articles describing the MAPS Project and the databases are:

We would appreciate receiving a preprint or reprint of your research aided by the MAPS Project.
R. M. Humphreys
Astronomy Department
University of Minnesota
116 Church St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

We hope you have found MAPS data to be both accurate and easy to use. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions.