MAPS - Minnesota Automated Plate Scanner Catalog of the POSS I


14/20/2009 - Transition

The website has transitioned to Scientific Linux on real server hardware in the UofM School of Physics & Astronomy server room. We hope this change will improve reliability of the service.

12/17/2007 - Server upgrade

The server just got updated and the MAPS website has been moved to PHP5, Apache2, and MySQL 5.0. Contact us if you have any trouble.

9/12/2005 - New features

New features merged in from Juan Cabanela's archive. Please check out his page, specifically, his news section for a list of updates and changes.


10/22/2004 - Site updated again

Big changes to the site. Here's a few things we did.

  • Fixed precession
  • Added finder charts
  • Advanced query form
  • Expanded documentation (but put the HOWTO on hiatus)
  • Various page design improvements

Unfortunately, the batch jobs are on the back burner still.
As always, please contact us if you find anything you think we should know about. Thanks.


04/21/2003 - Precession and Platelist

I have added precession. The results are consistent with NED.

The platelist is now online, complete with precession. Please let me know if it is not working the way you expect it to. My next project is to create an "advanced" skybox query form, with the ability to limit the number of parameters returned, as well as apply arbitrary constraints on the results. This is necessary mainly because this functionality is not easy to replicate in the raw SQL query unless you know exactly which plates you need to search.

On the burner: Finder charts and automated batch jobs. Please contact us if you need this functionality right away.


04/09/2003 - SkyBox Changes

I have made several changes to the skybox query. It now reports the actual search bounds in sexagesimal, as well as the area of the sky searched (in square degrees). Every search is now dumped to a space-delimited text file, and displayed results are truncated at 30. I am in contact with NED regarding precession code, so hopefully precession will be on-line soon. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments on the current setup, please email me.


04/02/2003 - Site updated

The site is under active construction. Some links may be down intermittently; please check back later if a page is unavailable. Please email in questions or concerns to the webmaster.