MAPS - Minnesota Automated Plate Scanner Catalog of the POSS I

Field Find

This webpage is designed to allow you to determine which POSS I fields correspond to a given location in the sky. Just enter the position and field width below.

Object Name:
Note: If you enter an object name above, the SIMBAD name resolver will be used to attempt to determine the position of that object on the sky. Entering an object name overrides any positional information entered below. If you want to search around a specific position, leave the object name blank.
Coordinate System:
Right Ascension/
Galactic Longitude
(use sexagesimal HH:MM:SS.SSS or decimal degrees)
Galactic Latitude
(use sexagesimal DD:MM:SS.SSS or decimal degrees)
Field Width: arcminutes (Enter "0" for a point)
Check this box to retrieve all the MAPS Catalog data for matching fields. Otherwise only the plate limits and object number counts are returned.
Warning: If selected, the results may lead to a very wide data table.

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Careful, these commands overwrite data already in the form.